hello i'm dani and i really like smosh and pbg. feel free to make gif, edit, sidebar, and icon requests!

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Danny and Arin grump about Video Games on consoles. Ross and Danny grump about Video Games on PC. I swear. Go look if you don't believe me. I'll wait.

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Welcome! This channel is the home for my videos that I post over on my blog, Frilly + Fancy! I hope I can inspire you a bit & brighten up your day!!!!!! ^_^

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I host 'Smosh Pit Weekly' on Smosh 2nd Channel and am a gamer/host/producer at Smosh Games. I'm a Japanese-American professional ballerina living in sunny California! I like comic books, cosplay, and apple pie. Nyan!!! =^_^=

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Today I learned that the gym does not like me...but I got to wear these sweet blue shorts!

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I share my strange life with the internet!